The BOD is supposed to meet once a month on the 3rd Tuesday (Our convenient Calendar shows all scheduled meetings).  We encourage all homeowners to attend these meetings in order to stay current on ongoing actions controlled by the BOD. If you wish to help your neighborhood your volunteering to assist in any way would be welcome. It may be the only chance you have to voice an opinion before a change can be made that may drastically alter your lifestyle. A Map to the meeting location is available by clicking on the link.

Board of Directors

President - Don Peterson, Southern Winds (Chair Person of CCR Committee)

Vice President - Mike O’Neill, Carriage Landing (Chair Person of Walls/Entrances Committee)

Secretary/Treasurer - Jean Bright, The Landing (Chair Person of Finance Committee)

Director - Andy Bonanno, The Landing

Director - Archie Bright, The Landing (Chair Person of Ponds & Grounds Committees)

Director - Ricardo Garcia, Southern Winds (Chair Person of the ARC Committee)

Director - Paulette Jobot, Carriage Landing (Chair Person of the Nominating Committee)

Director - Barbara Owens, The Oaks

Committees are as follows

Committees are talking to and assisting each other on a constant basis. They are all working diligently to preserve our great community standards.

All in all the new BOD has taken on the task of self management and appears to be well on the way to great success! Reach out to them! Get involved, it’s your community!

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