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If you need any governing documents please let us know and we will send you a free copy.  We have access to the LVHOA official records.

Spamming and Spoofing:  A favorite technique of spammers and other “bad guys” is to “spoof” their return e-mail addresses, making it look as if the mail came from someone else. In effect, this is a form of identity theft, as the sender pretends to be someone else in order to persuade the recipient to do something (from simply opening the message to sending money or revealing personal information).

Several U.S. states have laws against e-mail spoofing. Many state anti-spam laws specifically prohibit using third party mail servers or a third party’s domain name without the permission of the third party. The federal CAN SPAM Act also makes it illegal to send unsolicited e-mail with false or misleading headers or deceptive subject lines.

Please use this page to let us know how we are doing in keeping our community one of the best in Hillsborough County, Florida.

You must complete all blocks indicated in the form below. Ensure that Subdivision block is selected. Please be specific as to your query. We will answer each email received and let you know the status of your concern within a very reasonable time.  Some pertinent emails will be added in the “Queries” Tab and privacy will be adhered to by blocking names, addresses and telephone numbers.

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