FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I received a letter telling me I had 10 days to comply in painting, or landscaping must I comply?

A: In order for a violation to be legal the infraction must be included in the  Florida State Statutes, Hillsborough County Codes and/or the Deed Restrictions and Covenants specific to your sub-division. Contact your BOD if you have any questions CONTACT US.

Q: What is a FAQ?

A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

Q: What do the HIGHLIGHTED areas mean and how do you use them?

A: Highlighted, and underlined text items are direct links to a document, or page, that contains the item you see highlighted.  Just move your mouse over the text and the mouse curser will change and when you "click" on it you will be brought directly to that page, or document.

Q: Where do I find out what my annual dues are and when they are due?

A: You will receive your Annual Dues notice along with the notification letter of the Annual Election Meeting sometime in November or December.  Per our current documents the BOD is only allowed to increase the fee by 5% each year.  Dues are due by January  31st.

Q: Where do I find copies of Deed Restrictions, By-Laws , Amendments and other information?

A: You can now freely download any of the documents you desire for FREE here on our website.  The webmaster has spent many voluntary hours gathering this data and is proud to provide it to you without any charges.

Q: I want to paint, fence, or remodel my home.  Do I need permission?

A: Yes.  You can find information required in the Tab "Documents".  Please review any Deed Restrictions and Hillsborough County Codes prior to completing any work that alters the appearance of your property.

Q: Where, and when are the monthly Board of Directors Meeting held?

A: Meeting locations and times are in the Tab named "Calendar". A map to the location is provided HERE.   

Q: How much is the Home Owners Association paying for this Web Site?

A: This Web Site is currently independently owned and is being maintained free of charge by community minded individuals who purchased the software and have no intention of charging any fees for its operation.

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