Restrictions & Covenants

The documents and links directly below this statement apply to the BOD and ALL Homeowners:

Each sub-division is listed below and are divided by Sections. Use the Street Listing link above to locate your lot and then note the Section where you actually live. All of the documents listed for the Section you reside in apply to you. You can easily download them free at your leisure (we are a totally free web site to any who visit us). This comprehensive list was compiled by this Web Master back in 2007 and they are still in effect and no other amendments have been made to date that we are aware of.


Section A1

   Instruction Book #11565-1653, 04/17/2002

   Restriction Book #4340-1709, 05/21/1984

   Plat Drawing Book #56-47, 05/21/1984

Section A2

   Restriction  Book #4433-1450, 08/11/1984

   Plat Drawing Book #56-48, 05/21/1984

Section A3

   Restriction  Book #4482-563, 01/10/1985

   Plat Drawing Book #57-7, 08/10/1984


Section B1

   Restriction Book #4368-1769, 07/05/1984

   Plat Drawing Book #56-42, 05/10/1984

Section B2

   Restriction  Book #4415-1341, 09/18/1984

   Plat Drawing Book #56-44, 05/10/1984

Section B3

   Restriction  Book #4461-83, 11/21/1984

   Plat Drawing Book #57-8, 08/10/1984

THE LANDING, SECTION C Section C1    Restriction Book #4455-942, 11/26/1984    Plat Drawing Book #56-49, 05/21/1984 Section C2    Restriction  Book #4526-938, 03/26/1985    Plat Drawing Book #58-27, 03/26/1985 PALM RIDGE, SECTION J Section J    Restriction Book #4407-1910, 08/24/1984    Plat Drawing Book #56-51, 05/21/1984 OUTLOOK POINT, SECTION K Fence Notice Book #10898-0132, 06/27/2001 Section K1   Restriction Book #4340-1698, 04/21/1984   Plat Drawing Book #56-50, 05/21/1984 Section K2    Restriction  Book #4486-1477, 01/07/1985    Plat Drawing Book #56-58, 06/06/1984