Section J - Palm Ridge

Palm Ridge is located East of Lakewood Drive, South of Outlook, and West of Lakeview Village Drive. Built in the early 1980's by Suarez builders and it is a neighborhood designed for family living.

We are a Deed Restricted Community.

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The following are all the documents that apply not only to this sub-division but to all sub-divisions as well:

Florida State Statutes for HOA’s: Chapter 720

Florida State Statutes Sunshine Law: Chapter 286

Articles of Incorporation - 06/20/1989

By-Laws, 08/06/1994

Amendment for Tract B, Book #4667-1109, 10/24/1985

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, Book #4397-1491, 08/20/1984

The following documents pertain only to the Palm Ridge Sub-Division:

Section J

                 Restriction Book #4407-1910, 08/24/1984

                 Plat Drawing Book #56-51, 05/21/1984

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Street Listing (Alphabetical) indicating Sub_Divisions and other applicable documents

Street Listing (By Subdivision) indicating other applicable documents